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No More The Prep Cleanser 250ml

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Some hair types are difficult to treat, especially during the humid seasons. It’s, therefore, essential to do a taming treatment, starting with gentle but effective cleansing.

The Prep Cleanser removes mineral impurities and resins from the shaft without eliminating the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier and prepares the hair for the taming treatment with The Styling Mask.

After applying the shampoo hair stays clean and light.

The “No More” line is formulated with respect for the earth friendly philosophy that sees conscious use of water as our contribution to the protection of the environment.
The special active technology of the No More formula makes for water savings during rinsing.

The use of the Prep Cleanser consumes less water: 2.2 L (38%) compared to an average of 6.3 L consumed in 60 seconds.
(data: Save the Water Ambassador)

• 5.5 - 6 Ph
• Silicone-free
• Percentage of naturalness: 99.3%
• Vegan